Cloudera Enterprise

Rethink Data Management

Cloudera’s business relies on its ability to deliver best-of-breed supportservices,management, and tooling surrounding its open source core. Since its inception in 2008, the company has led the big data market by driving the adoption of Apache Hadoop and related technologies.

With Cloudera Enterprise, today’s leading organizations put their data at the center of their operations, to increase business visibility and reduce costs, while successfully managing risk and compliance requirements.

What’s Inside?

CDH – At the core of Cloudera Enterprise is CDH, which combines Apache Hadoop with a number of other open source projects to create a single, massively scalable system where you can unite storage with an array of powerful processing and analytic frameworks. Learn More »

Automated Cluster Management – Cloudera Manager – Cloudera Enterprise includes Cloudera Manager to help you easily deploy, manage, monitor, and diagnose issues with your cluster. Cloudera is critical for operating clusters at scale. Learn More »

Cloudera Support – Get the industry’s best technical support for Hadoop. With Cloudera Support, you’ll experience more uptime, faster issue resolution, better performance to support your mission critical applications, and faster delivery of the platform features you care about. Learn More »