What Makes Us Different

Cognilytics is a global provider of Big Data and Advanced Analytics solutions; its mission statement is to help clients monetize their data as a strategic asset. Cognilytics leverages its core competencies around Big Data, Data Strategy & Architecture, Data Lifecycle Management, Visualization and Advanced Predictive Analytics to help clients find key insights and trends within their data thereby enabling better business decision making, driving top line revenue, bottom-line uplift, operational excellence, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance.

 Our clients are Fortune 100, facing real business problems

We help our clients monetize their data as a strategic asset in a variety of industries such as Health Care, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, e-Commerce, Manufacturing, Transportation, Oil and Gas, Food, and Retail/CPG, to name a few. We have also successfully deployed over 60+ use cases such as Customer Lifecycle, Customer Churn, Operational  Efficiency, Risk Mitigation, Market Analysis, Employee Attrition, Demand Forecasting, Predictive Asset Maintenance, Technical Strategy and many others.

Through the power of cutting-edge business intelligence tools, advanced statistics, and machine learning techniques, we deliver insights for converting big data into a monetizable asset. Cognilytics’ Decision Analyzer provides a platform for the execution and management of advanced predictive models on high performance architectures (including Hadoop and the SAP HANA® platform) – Cognilytics solves real business problems.

The journey is from Data to Decisions

 Our three core pillars of knowledge set us apart from the rest. With keen business domain expertise, deep statistical background and insightful technological experience, we provide our clients with strategic thought leadership and best practice guidance, delivering real value through our AVM™ methodology.

3 pillars


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