Financial Services

Applying Big Data Analytics in the Financial Services Industry

Cognilytics has been providing solutions to financial services clients since our firm’s inception.   Our practitioners learned the financial services industry through years of experience working at firms like Businessman using graphs on screenAmerican Express, AIG, Capital One, Chase, Fannie Mae, HSBC and VISA.   We offer solutions from model development to model implementation and model risk management across a wide array of financial products and services including payment cards, retail banking, consumer/commercial lending, insurance and wealth management.

Read more on how Cognilytics worked with a U.S. Top 10 Financial Institution to mitigate risk – LOSS FORECASTING MODELS for CCAR.


Payment Networks / Card Issuers Insurance Retail Banking and Consumer Finance Model Risk Management Decision Analyzer ® Model Execution Platform
Acquire Profitable Customers Agent Lifetime Value Analysis Strategic Customer Segmentation Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Streamlined Stress Testing
Spend Lift Campaigns – Consumer, Small Business, Commercial, International and Co-brand Cards Customer and Agent Attrition Models Prospect Acquisition CCAR Loss Forecasting Data to Decision Platform to help transform data into actionable insights
Underwriting strategies Price Sensitivity Analyses Mortgage Clustering Basel (PD/EAD/LGD) Models Big Data Orchestration
Track Portfolio Performance and Perform Industry Benchmarking Distribution Analysis Banking Customer Churn/Retention New Account Originations Model Execution
Spend Shift Initiatives Claims Processing Efficiency Cross-Sell and Offer Optimization Mortgage Insurance Cutting Edge Visualization
Portfolio payment volume decomposition Workers Compensation Trends Silent Attrition/ Customer Decay Credit Bureau Score Validation
Spend Band / Market Segments Reports Unreported Chronically Ill Member Identification Marketing Mix ModelingBrand Health Analysis Third Party Fraud Score Validation
Promotional Program Effectiveness Deeper IBNR Pattern Analysis
Debit to Credit Migration Next Likely Product SaleClaims Fraud
Propensity Models
Increase Customer Lifetime Value