Applying Big Data Analytics in the Manufacturing Industry

The Internet of Things (IoTs) is driving smarter manufacturing, which is generating significant amounts of data. Cognilytics enables monetizing data by increasing efficiencies acrIOToss multiple areas of manufacturing processes.

Our Manufacturing practice covers specific use cases in forecasting, price optimization, supply chain disruption, inventory KPIs, warranty data analytics, preventive maintenance, fault detection, failure prediction, machine system/sensor health and visualization and dashboards. Our experience practitioners provide deep data mining analytics capability to improve efficiencies in streamlining the manufacturing process, capitalizing on real time data, and capitalizing on data generated from IoTs.

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Functional Area Time Sensitive KPI Quality KPI Cost KPI Efficiency KPIs
Sales and Operational Planning Demand Forecasting Forecasting Accuracy Forecasting process cost versus Margins Lifetime Value of Procedure Code Mix- Analytics
Supplier Relationship Management / Procurement On Time Delivery Order Compliance Total Cost Fill Rate
Inventory Management Lead Time / Order Fulfillment Rate Inventory Count Accuracy Holding Cost, Value of unused cost Turnover rate / Velocity
Supply Chain Order Fulfillment Rate / On Time Orders Order Compliance, Partial versus full Order, Order Accuracy Transportation Cost,  Vehicle Load – full versus Partial  and  Cost associated Vehicle Load, Disruption KPIs – bottlenecks, Vendor performance
Shop Floor Execution Operations / Phases actual time Machine Ideal Time Activity Cost Activity bottlenecks, Work Center efficiencies
Order Settlement Cost Structure Availability Order Variance Settlement Cost