Oil & Gas

Applying Big Data Analytics in the Oil & Gas Industry

Cognilytics is enabling Oil & Gas organizations by providing end-to-end solutions that encompasses exploration, production, midstream, refining, marketing, and chemicals.



Read more on how Cognilytics supported a major Oil & Gas distributor with automating decision making within it supply chain – ASSET MANAGEMENT MODELING


Exploration Production Midstream Refining Marketing Chemicals
Anomaly detection in seismic data analysis Advanced analytics to enhance reservoir management and maximize ultimate field production Crude and products trading advanced analytics Preventative Maintenance Demand forecasting Preventative Maintenance
Lease block bidding optimization In-fill drilling optimization Inventory optimization Predictive Maintenance Fuel and lubricant sales analytics and visualization Preventative Maintenance
Drill site optimization Predictive Failure Analytics C-store analytics Predictive Failure Analytics
Machine learning applications Price optimization Predictive Failure Analytics
Operations Dashboards Competitive market analysis Operations Dashboards
Capacity optimization Marketing campaign analysis Capacity optimization
Fraud detection analysis Demand forecasting