Analytics Products from Cognilytics

Cognilytics has leveraged our deep experience in predictive analytics, advanced data visualization, and high performance computing to build a number of products to help you turn data into insights.

Our Decision Analyzer product utilizes Hadoop to provide a high performance, distributed computing platform that can execute your predictive models no matter their size or complexity.  Furthermore, it can be integrated with high performance data stores such as HANA to provide the ability to visualize Big Data problems in an efficient manner.

Model Controller is built to enable organizations to operationalize their production models as well as manage the entire lifecycle of a model from development, through deployment, and into retirement.  Take control of your modeling workflow and get visibility into the changes being made to your operational models so that you can satisfy regulators, internal audit teams and your risk management program requirements.

We also have industry specific solutions to help you organize and visualize your important data and metrics.  Our Navigator products allow portfolio managers to manage their residential mortgage and consumer credit card portfolios with advanced dashboards and data visualization techniques that are optimized for these specific problems.  Don’t re-invent the wheel.   Navigator will deliver value much quicker than building your own solution.