Decision Analyzer

Growing revenue, profit and market share in today’s marketplace requires advanced predictive analytics solutions. You also require solutions that provide full transparency and audit capabilities to satisfy the demand of external and internal regulators.

The Cognilytics™ Decision Analyzer platform provides one centralized, high-performance execution platform for a range of predictive models.   We provide this solution as a cloud based SaaS application, allowing it to be adopted without the cost and complexity of setting up an on premise solution.

Decision Analyzer

Key Applications

Decision Analyzer serves as an integral part of a variety applications including:

  • Financial institution stress testing programs
  • Portfolio risk analysis and valuation across a variety of asset classes
  • Financial reserve planning
  • Predictive marketing initiatives
  • Customer loyalty solutions
  • Hospital re-admissions
  • Disease management programs


  • Cloud based solution
  • End-to-end platform to manage the execution of predictive models in a locked-down, audit-able environment.
  • Flexibility to deploy state of the art models built by Cognilytics or to onboard customer provided models.
  • Ability to create scenarios and run the predictive models under a range of assumptions. Perform “what if” and sensitivity analyses.
  • A high-performance distributed computing platform that handles your Big Data, high computation requirements using technologies like Hadoop and SAP HANA. Scalable to any sized problem.
  • Easy to use, intuitive user interface accessed through your web browser

Cognilytics is uniquely qualified help you leverage the Decision Analyzer platform to help you turn data into actionable insights.