Model Controller

Operationalizing your predictive models isn’t easy.  Many organizations struggle with managing their models in a way that will satisfy regulatory oversight requirements and/or their internal model risk management teams.  In addition, most organizations use many different models built using R, SAS, SPSS, Python, etc.  Finding tools that will effectively manage models across the full spectrum of technologies and deployment topologies required in your organization can prove challenging.

The Cognilytics™ Model Controller platform provides a common, centralized model management solution for your organization.  It manages models written on any technology stack, and can manage their execution on almost any production environment using its state of the art model execution resource management agents.    We provide this solution as a cloud based SaaS application, allowing it to be adopted without the cost and complexity of setting up an on premise solution. Execute your models on the systems that you already have deployed, or run them on our scalable cloud based executions systems – but, manage the models in the cloud.


Key Capabilities

  • Centralized model repository with version control
  • Meta data management
  • Manage the execution of models on a variety of platforms and technologies
  • Configurable workflow templates to manage model lifecycles
  • Model issue tracking
  • Change management process control
  • Associate documentation to projects, models, and workflow tasks
  • Track model performance over time and manage champion/challenger process
  • Alerts/Notifications and automatic generation of workflow processes based upon configurable events


  • Cloud based solution
  • Manage models no matter what technology they are built with
  • Full visibility into model status and model lifecycle history for regulatory compliance
  • Manage your change management processes and keep you production models under control
  • Execute simple models or complex distributed models using your on premise assets or leverage cloud based execution resources
  • Easy to use, intuitive user interface accessed through your web browser

Cognilytics is uniquely qualified to help you leverage the Model Controller platform to operationalize your predictive models and satisfy regulatory and other oversight requirements.