Cognilytics’ Navigator Suite provides pre-built, targeted data models and content-rich dashboards, scorecards, and drill-downs.  These pre-packaged data models and dashboards are designed by experts to succinctly capture the KPIs and other operational data that are most closely watched by portfolio managers in the targeted industries.

Navigator leverages the SAP Business Objects business intelligence platform to deliver this mission critical data to management teams.

Navigator – Residential Mortgage

The Navigator – Residential Mortgage product allows portfolio managers to review the most important information required to understand the risk within their residential mortgage portfolios.  Users can slice the data by geography, loan type, mortgage product, and property types.


Information available includes the following:

  • Delinquency trends and statistics
  • Macro factor trends impacting risk in the portfolio
  • Property value trends and severity of loss statistics
  • Portfolio characteristics
  • Borrower health (FICO distributions, vintages, etc.)

Navigator – Consumer Credit

The Navigator – Consumer Credit product contains optimized dashboards to present the most important KPIs and portfolio metrics to consumer credit card portfolio managers.

Information can be aggregated across geographies, card types, market segments, and spending buckets within the portfolio.  Information presented includes:

  • Credit card program financial performance metrics
  • Risk management metrics (delinquencies, FICO distributions, charge-offs)
  • Operations (account metrics, merchant growth trends)
  • Customer acquisition metrics and campaign performance metrics
  • Customer management (penetration, activity and spending metrics, vintage stats, attrition)



  • Pre-built, problem specific data models ensure rapid deployment and optimized performance
  • Dashboards derived from Cognilytics’ deep financial services expertise providing short time to value.
  • Enable users to quickly discover, portray, and communicate underlying trends and issues so effective action can be taken.