SAP Predictive Analysis / InfiniteInsights

Cognilytics provides a variety of services using SAP Predictive Analysis / InfiniteInsights. Our decision scientists and industry experts can help organizations identify advanced analytics use cases within their organizations, build predictive models using the capabilities of SAP Predictive Analysis, and train users on the functionality of the product. Cognilytics has also developed partner-led rapid deployment solutions to quickly deploy the product within an organization.

SAP Predictive Analysis provides a GUI environment for creating and executing predictive models with integrated visualization that makes predictive modeling accessible to a broader user base. SAP Predictive Analysis integrates easily with SAP HANA allowing enterprises to monetize insights from the exponential growth of data. Leveraging the open-source R statistical programming language, Predictive Analysis allows users to use over 3,500 analytics and data mining packages along with HANA’s native predictive analysis libraries. With the speed of HANA’s in-memory computing, the breadth of statistical capabilities of the R programming language and the illustrative power of Visual Intelligence, SAP Predictive Analysis provides a unique modeling environment for a variety of users in the organization. Some highlights of the product include:

  • Ease of Use: Drag and drop interface for data selection, preparation, analysis and visualization. Intuitively build complex models with no programming.
  • Integrated Visualization: Visualization capabilities from SAP Visual Intelligence built into the modeling tool that allows an analyst to move seamlessly from data visualization to hypothesis generation to model creation and execution.
  • Native Predictive Analysis Libraries for in-memory, in-database execution in SAP HANA: Highly configurable algorithms for clustering, classification, regression, association rules, neural networks, time-series, and outlier analysis etc.
  • R Integration: Allows decision scientists to call R packages and take advantage of the over 3,500 packages available in the open source domain.

Cognilytics Predictive Analytics powered by SAP InfiniteInsight provides end to end data to decision portfolio. We assist customers on their Analytic Evolution Journey from Descriptive to Prescriptive maturity roadmap. The key is unlocking data to move decision making from sense & respond to predict & act.

Predictive Analysis

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