Data Visualization

Understanding data is the foundation for putting data to work for companies.  

AVMA key component of our Analyze Visualize and Monetize methodology is the data visualization assistance we provide to our clients.

  • Our BI Practice includes bringing to light the data insights through effective dashboards, operational reports to next generation data visualization techniques utilizing SAP Business Objects, Crystal Reports, to Open Source components and customized solutions for our clients. At Cognilytics, we recognize that the customized BI services are required to meet the vast needs of the many constituents accessing a company’s data.  Executives, managers, and employees all use BI reports and dashboards to monitor and manage the day-to-day operations.


  • In addition, the future requires companies to think beyond today.  At Cognilytics, we are continuously innovating Data Visualization Next Generation Capabilities.  Understanding the past as well as the current environment informs decision-makers, but our practice extends to innovative predictive data visualization to help drive forward looking decision making and monetization opportunity.