Data Visualization Next Generation Capabilities

Our Next Generation Data Visualization Practice is helping clients innovate with design methods and innovative thinking.  We are providing real time insights into key performance indicators such as profitability, production, supply chain, customer profiles, market and economic indicators. We use the latest open source capabilities to visualize data results in optimal creative ways to drive business insight to new levels of value for customers and business constituents alike.  We help clients develop visualizations that fit the device, audience, and outcome.  Pushing your data across hardware platforms is mandatory.  The mobile device and tablets has created new opportunities for visualizations to be shared.  New devices continue to materialize as the Internet of Things becomes reality.

At Cognilytics, we are innovating in understanding and creating how to deliver the message, story, and value from the client’s data.  As volume, velocity, and variety continue to expand, visualization of Big Data becomes even more important. We have expertise in all the latest visualization tools such as Lumira, Tableau, QLIKView, Explorer, DesignStudio, Analysis Office.

By 2015, “smart data discovery,” which includes natural-language query and search, automated, prescriptive advanced analytics and interactive data discovery capabilities, will be the most in-demand BI platform user experience paradigm, enabling mainstream business consumers to get insights (such as clusters, segments, predictions, outliers and anomalies) from data.   

–Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence & Analytics Platforms, 2014