Data Architecture

Cognilytics applies key fundamentals in data modeling and process modeling to properly capture business requirements, data standards, and necessary design of our clients’ data.

DA1ERDData Modeling is one of our most effective methods for discovering business rules, and data needs

  • Our Data Analysts cover the top down business needs to data base table and data element definitions. We design data structures to uniquely support our innovative approach to the Logical Data Warehouse across data marts, enterprise data warehouse, and Big Data Hadoop architectures.
  • We cover the entire spectrum from the high-level conceptual data model showing the core business objects (entities) and their data relationships to the refined logical level where normalization, cardinality, optionality, data quality rules, and other data administration principles are applied.
  • Our expertise in in memory high performance analytics design for SAP HANA is second to none across client industries. At Cognilytics, we work with our clients to build EDM that serves today’s purpose as well as evolves over time.




Business process modeling for our clients to understand value and monetization opportunities is also a powerful tool.

  • At Cognilytics, we work with clients to understand and develop their business process models, as well as “data flow diagrams” that show the data flows in and out of each process.
  • We develop models that show how the organization performs its business functions. We cover the spectrum from top to bottom from the conceptual level (context diagram) to the detailed decomposition of each major business process.