Big Data & High Performance Computing

Cognilytics is a leader and innovator in solving BIG Data challenges and helping companies recognize data as an asset.  Consuming Big Data means addressing volume, variety, and velocity of data, which present certain challenges with its capture, storage, search, security, sharing, analysis, and visualization.  We have the expertise and experience to solve the challenges of data – from “small” to “big”.  We work with all forms of data.  Some of our current clients have structured data or transactional types of records in very large data stores-petabyte size data bases across a multitude of technologies.  At the same time, other clients are pushing the envelope of integrating unstructured data for deep learning analytic projects.

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At Cognilytics, we are working with our partners to be on the cutting edge of technology that allows us to share and extend this knowledge with our clients.

We leverage software from our key technology partners to deliver Big Data & High Performance Computing: