Data Strategy & Governance

Data Strategy

Good Data begins with well thought-out Data Strategy. Cognilytics’ deep Data experience provides the depth and breadth necessary to assist CIO, CDO, and other executives with the design & execution of Business Data Strategy.  We work with our clients to create and implement Enterprise Data Strategic programs.

DataStrategyFrameworkSolutions include:

  • Data Strategy Development. We have deep expertise in data strategy development and execution management.  A foundational element of our AVM methodology is our unique proven data strategy approach including data management best practices implementation and change management, foundational data infrastructure planning and design, to business initiative prioritization and business case development.
  • Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and Business Intelligence (BI) Operating Models. We assist our clients to develop and implement an Information Management Operating Models as well as the design, build, and deployment of the data management and business intelligence operating models
  • Data Platform Assessment. Assessing existing client data platforms including data warehouses, data marts, data lakes, and related applications and services in support of ensuring the collection of the right data that provisions client business objectives are a strong segment of this Cognilytics practice area.

Data Governance

At Cognilytics, we work with our clients to develop practical data governance initiatives that will balance structure and flexibility to ensure success in their dynamic business environments. This practice includes the organization and implementation of policies, procedures, structures, roles and responsibilities that apply rules of engagement, decision rights, and accountabilities for the effective data asset management.  We work with lines of business and IT to ensure a comprehensive and collaborative process for ensuring Data Governance success.

Areas of Focus include:

  • Data Quality. Data Quality is a dynamic practice area for us. It is becoming top of mind for our customers. Data quality is critical to running a business. We help our clients design and implement effective and efficient data quality programs including prioritization of data focus areas, monitoring and assessing the quality, standards, meaning, security, and measurement of success. We assist as well with data mapping and data lineage analysis, the integration of data, and the coordination of data quality standards among the various divisions and lines of business.
  • Meta Data Management. Meta data management is another key service offering for our customers. As metadata is the DNA of all enterprise-class data standardization and integration initiatives, we assist clients to capture the metadata that is useful today as well as in the future and ensure documentation, navigation, and administration of their data assets.
  • Master Data Management. At Cognilytics, we have expertise in developing the Master Data Management (MDM) foundation that enables companies to build and deliver data-driven results.  Our approach to MDM incorporates business applications, information management methods, and data management tools to implement the policies, procedures, and infrastructure required to support accurate, timely, consistent, and complete master data.
  • Security and Privacy. At Cognilytics, we work to ensure that Security and Privacy of data are properly addressed in our architecture and design. We work closely with the client’s data security office and with the owners of data to determine the required level of data security.