Predictive Asset Management Analytics

The Client

Major Gas Distributor

The Challenge

This Utilities organization relied heavily on their assets in the field and spend billions each year repairing their infrastructure. The static nature of much of their equipment created unnoticed and neglected assets, posing a major asset maintenance problem. Moreover, the client had minimal insight into the maintenance needs of their equipment assets.

The Solution

  • Collaboratively shared linear asset manufacturing characteristics: age, usage, failure details and behavioral outcomes under different conditions (weather, temperature, pressure etc.).
  • Linked data sources to analytics engine
  • Created and managed degradation models
  • Triggered: age, usage and or change in environmental conditions
  • Built the maintenance plan to support predictive models

The Approach

The client utilized advanced analytics that allowed them to predict the failure of assets in the field and radically improved maintenance cycles.

  • Provided proactive maintenance prior to failure of a component
  • Prevented: costly maintenance, repairs, expensive service down time, and customer dissatisfaction
  • Increased profits and competitive advantage when seeking new service contracts