Data Security Optimization

The Client

A large payment processor

The Challenge

A large payment processor had over the years acquired a reputation for industry-leading data security standards.  When the company started to invest into building a Hadoop based data platform to further improve its payment analytics capabilities, it realized that “big-data” posed new challenges and provided new opportunities for securing data and intellectual property.

The payment processor selected Cognilytics to assess the situation and develop a roadmap to expand the company’s industry-leading data security standards into the new big-data environment.

The Solution

Cognilytics assessed the situation from a people, process, and technology perspective and conducted a series of interviews with key stakeholders from legal council to data-driven users to identify gaps and opportunities to build new security capabilities.

Cognilytics big data expertise helped the company:

  • Articulate a data security vision
  • Provide industry best practice benchmarking and cost-benefit analyses
  • Recommend on “build, buy, or alley” options to extend security capabilities into the Hadoop environment.


  • Roadmap with detailed steps to move the company toward the desired data security vision
  • Centralization of systems and application logs for analysis and data mining/statistical modeling to baseline usage patterns and identify suspicious activities for escalation.
  • Longer-term benefits extended to a clearly documented and company-wide supported roadmap toward the security vision which addressed people, process, and technology aspects of the security vision.