Forecasting Market Demand

The Client

Global CPG organization


The Challenge

This global CPG organisation’s poultry and pork divisions were seeking a better understanding of the market price fluctuations and how they are influenced by different economic factors and scenarios. The client wanted to create a price  model to predict future price fluctuations up to a year ahead of time. They wanted to evaluate SAP Predictive Analysis, and how it works with SAP HANA and R within current business processes.

The Solution

  • Trained the internal IT resources on SAP Predictive Analysis
  • Worked with the client’s divisions to demonstrate benefits of SAP Predictive Analysis and its integration with SAP HANA and R
  • Developed price forecasting models for products
  • Provisioned an operationalization plan for forecasting models
  • Administered a predictive analytics roadmap for the expansion of advanced analytics solutions within the organization

The Approach

  • Worked with the clients price analysts to understand current forecasting processes and variables
  • Selected data elements and formats for data foundations with client input
  • Utilized SAP Predictive Analysis to retrieve data from SAP HANA and flat files
  • Explored analysis of data elements and correlation with market price
  • Developed preliminary forecasting model using SAP Predictive Analysis
  • Evaluated model diagnostics
  • Validated model on outstanding data
  • Provisioned operationalization plan and analytics roadmap for the client