Enterprise Data Warehouse

The Client


The Challenge

The client’s current data infrastructure was complex. Capacity had been constraining growth and hampering market agility.  Contributory factors included:

  • Outdated hardware
  • Decentralized data infrastructure
  • Ineffective data model
  • Operational and cost inefficiencies

The Solution

Cognilytics and the client designed and implemented a future state Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to help position the business for future growth.

Key elements of the EDW system included:

  • New hardware
  • Data consolidation and retirement of legacy systems
  • Extension of transaction aggregations to support migration of legacy users to the new platform
  • Design and Implementation of data model components to several applications


  • Reduced cost through consolidation of otherwise replicated data instances
  • Decreased data quality risk through reduction of data instances based upon the implementation of a more integrated and rigorous data model
  • Greater data leverage through consolidation, while reducing costs through retirement of legacy platforms
  • Less duplication of efforts
  • Enhanced operational reporting capabilities related to service configuration and case management