Fraud Detection & Mitigation

The Client 

Major Telcommunication Organization


The Challenge

This telecommunications organization was experiencing caller identity fraud and theft, which was an ongoing issue in the call centers. There were gaps in the consolidation of business views necessary to investigate fraud, due to product customer data silos. The speed of data retrieval in the systems was not adequately optimized to build fraud detection models. The client wanted visualization and advanced analytics capabilities.

The Solution

  • Provisioned a consolidated business view across product and customer applications
  • Increased visibility of information to business users for effective decision making
  • Developed fraud scoring model prototype

The Approach

The client utilized visualization and advanced analytics that allowed them to address fraud through the following methods.

  • Created a pilot environment within Cognilytics’ Virtual Digital Analytics Innovation Center
  • Utilized SAP HANA and Predictive Analytics software installation
  • Harnessed SAP HANA to combine customer and product data across silos into one data model
  • Coupled SAP Predictive Analysis Technical Academy and a predictive analysis roadmap
  • Developed a pilot program leading to a repeatable data analysis and fraud detection methodology
  • Created advanced predictive models to identify key factors that were associated with caller identity fraud and theft
  • Established tables and charts for visualization in Business Objects Explorer