Customer Churn Insights

GlobalDigitalMarketing FirmThe Client

Global Digital Marketing firm

The Challenge

This major digital marketing organization was looking to reduce customer churn which has significant effects on its business unit bottom line. This organization was moving many products to a subscription model which pushed the customer churn wheel. The client had very little insight into the factors that led to customer churn and it did not have the knowledge, tools and processes to prevent existing customers from terminating products and services.

The Solution

  • Trained internal IT resources on SAP Predictive Analysis and Predictive Analytics utilizing SAP HANA
  • Advanced a successful churn model which predicted churn rates within a 90% confidence interval
  • Established an operationalization plan for the churn model
  • Developed predictive analytics roadmap for expansion of advanced analytics within the organization

The Approach

  • Collaborated with Data Base Administrators and business users to evaluate available data
  • Selected data elements and formats for data elements with client input
  • Derived SAP HANA data tables for use in analysis
  • Utilized SAP Predictive Analysis to retrieve data from SAP HANA
  • Explored analysis of data elements and correlation with customer churn
  • Developed preliminary model predicting customer churn using logistic regression
  • Validated the model on outstanding data
  • Finalized the model and developed SAP HANA stored procedure for the model
  • Developed an operationalization plan and analytics roadmap for the client