VentureBeat – CenturyLink acquires predictive analytics company Cognilytics

If you thought CenturyLink was only focused on building an extensive cloud-computing portfolio, think again. The telecommunications company is announcing today that it has bought 200-person predictive analytics company Cognilytics.
The move follows several cloud-related acquisitions on CenturyLink’s part in the past couple of years, including most recently disaster-recovery-as-a-service startup DataGardens.
Cognilytics sells software that companies can run on their own servers. Over time CenturyLink will make Cognilytics available as a cloud service, said Girish Varma, CenturyLink’s president of global IT services and new market development, told VentureBeat in an interview. But even before that, Cognilytics planned to function as “an on-ramp to cloud services,” Varma said.

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